Several Women In Asia Have Accused Harvey Weinstein And An Associate Of Sexual Harassment

Seven women came forward to the outlet HK01.

Several women in Asia accused Harvey Weinstein and his main point person in Asia of sexually inappropriate behavior.

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Hong Kong media outlet HK01 last week published accounts by seven women in Asia accusing Bey Logan, who was the Weinstein Company's Asia vice-president, of sexual misconduct.

Logan — a martial arts expert and film executive who has worked with Weinstein on several films and frequently accompanies Weinstein in Hong Kong, Beijing, and other Asian cities — said in response to the accusations that he had a "too carefree attitude towards physical encounters with women" over his adult life, but denied any "criminal wrongdoing."

In the article, Indonesian-Chinese actor Sable Yu accused Logan of exposing himself to her and of sexual harassment in 2011, when the two were working on Logan's film Snowblade.

Yu said on one occasion, when she and Logan were alone in an office, Logan had asked her, "Do you want to see my big dick?" — and exposed himself to her though she declined his offer. She said he then pulled her hand towards his penis to touch it, and asked her, "Do you want it?"

Yu said in a video interview with HK01 that Logan had pinched her nipple in front of the cast and crew — even after she had said she didn't want anyone to touch her — which she found "degrading." She also said Logan had suggested she sleep with Weinstein so she could further her career.

An Australian-Chinese actor who wished to be known as Ms. A told HK01 that Logan sexually assaulted her when she served as his translator during the filming of the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in Beijing in September 2015.

Ms. A said Logan took off her clothes and stuck his head between her legs when she was taking a nap in his hotel room after a 20-hour workday. She told HK01 that she was able to push him off her and left the hotel immediately.

Ms. A and Yu also alleged separately that Logan had forced them to be half nude or fully nude during recasting auditions for Snowblade from 2012 to early 2017.

Three other women — model Helene Siwan Leclerc, German actor Natalie Lund, and a Taiwanese model who did not wish to be named — also told HK01 they were asked to be either half or fully nude during the auditions.

Leclerc said Logan also repeatedly asked her to do kicks while standing when she was completely nude and also to spread her legs while standing, adding that although she felt very uncomfortable, she agreed because "he gave me a chance, and I wanted to fight for it."

A former actor from Hong Kong also told HK01 that after she met Logan in 2009, he had arranged for her to meet with Weinstein in his hotel room to discuss her potentially hosting the Asian edition of Project Runway.

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The woman, who wished only to be identified as Ms. Z, said that during the meeting, Weinstein began touching her waist, arms, and shoulders. Ms. Z said Weinstein told her to strip so that he could inspect her body, saying that if she didn't take her clothes off, then he wouldn't be able to give her the job.

When she turned him down, Weinstein asked her to stand in front of a mirror, where she said he forcibly tried to pull up her top, Ms. Z told HK01. Weinstein also reportedly asked her if she could watch him shower, or if he could watch her shower, adding that he would only watch and not touch her.

Ms. Z said that after she continuously turned down Weinstein's advances, he became irritated and waved her off. She said she immediately called Logan and told him what had happened, but Logan had responded saying that he thought she would be open to sexual advances because she had agreed to go to Weinstein's room.

A spokesperson for Weinstein told BuzzFeed News that "any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein."

In response to the allegations, Logan told HK01 that “I definitely never forced myself on anybody, never had to force myself on anybody", and that the allegations are either untrue or taken out of context.

He then said he was shocked when the reporter questioned him and that he "uttered responses off the record which come across as defiant and defensive. I apologize for the same."

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He later issued a statement to HK01.

Logan wrote that he is remorseful for his past behavior and has learned from it, but added that much of the accusations are “either untrue or taken out of context” and denied "any criminal wrongdoing.”

He also said he was "shocked at the alleged behavior of Weinstein towards women", and that he had never witnessed, nor had anyone describe to him any details of alleged sexual assaults, throughout the years he has known Weinstein.

“Over the years of my adult life, I have made advances to women," he said. "Sometimes they were rebuffed and sometimes they were reciprocated. I have had a too carefree attitude towards physical encounters with women. I have made inappropriate comments lightheartedly or after a few drinks. I now see I was wrong and I have made mistakes for which I can’t forgive myself. I must live with them."

Logan added though that he had been "entirely professional towards every performer" who tried out for Snowblade.

Following the HK01 report, actor Juju Chan told Variety that Logan “forcefully kissed” her in a taxi after a party after she auditioned for one of his films.

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“I was so young and was in shock. I just graduated. I did not know how to react,” Chan told Variety. “I pushed him away. He said goodbye and left.”

Chan said Logan then tried to "kick her out" of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny a few years later by calling her and offering her "really low pay for a side role."

Chan said that in the end, the casting director for the film contacted her directly with an offer for one of the lead roles that she accepted.

"[Logan] didn't want me to be in the cast," she said. "He said to me: ‘Almost all girls I work with are my girlfriends. Why can’t you be my girlfriend? You are the only girl who refused.'"

Logan has denied Chan's allegations, telling Variety that he did not have authority to and did not make casting decisions on the film as a coproducer.

"I did not have authority to and did not make any attempts to ‘kick’ anyone out of the movie. I have never made any propositions to her," he said.

Logan didn't return a request for comment on all the allegations from BuzzFeed News.


Leclerc said Logan had her do kicks while standing when she was completely nude and spread her legs while standing. An earlier version of this article said she was made to do the splits.