This Embroiderer's Instagram Account Is So Aesthetically Pleasing


This is Vera Shimunia, a 29-year-old embroiderer from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Shimunia turns landscapes into pieces of art using embroidery.

She told BuzzFeed News that her passion for embroidery grew after her first piece was complimented by a boy she liked at the time.

The results are gorgeous.

Shimunia said her idea to do landscapes came when she was a child and her family subscribed to National Geographic magazine.

Shimunia said it took some experimenting before she found her own style, and that depending on the difficulty of the piece, it takes her anywhere from three days to a month to complete it.

Since starting her Instagram page, Shimunia's work has frequently gone viral, and she now has over 200,000 followers.

Shimunia said she can't believe how popular her work is, and she often tells her husband that she doesn't believe she deserves the attention.

To see her work more closely, here is a video she shared of some cool 3D clouds.

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