People Showered This Cleaner With Gifts After He Was Mocked For Looking At Jewelry

"The world is still a good place as long as there are people who live to do good."

A cleaner in Saudi Arabia was recently mocked on social media after he was photographed staring at a jewelry shop window display.

Twitter: @ensaneyat

"This man deserves to look at trash only."

The photo, posted on a private Instagram account, caught the attention of Twitter user @ensaneyat, who asked people online to help find the man.

Twitter: @ensaneyat

"Peace and blessings upon you all, I urge those who know this worker to get in touch with me. I have a free set of gold jewelry for him."

Abdullah al-Qahtani, who tweets as @ensaneyat, told BuzzFeed News he was "confident we would find the worker" and that he got a lot of messages and phone calls from people who rushed to offer him gifts.

Twitter: @Majed000d

"I have a jewelry set for him. If anyone knows him, please get in touch with me."

Twitter: @baderalbayai

"If you have found him, please let me know. I will give him 2000 riyals."

Twitter: @altowayan

"I have a gift for him. May God comfort him and lift his spirits."

And soon enough, they found the man and identified him as Nzerol Abdul Karim, a 65-year-old Bangladeshi man who has been working in Riyadh for 11 years.

Twitter: @slmanoman123

"This is the cleaner. I took this photo of him today."

Qahtani said the staff at the gold shop told him they had been seeing Abdul Karim outside the shop on a daily basis.

Twitter: @ensaneyat

"Greetings. Those who have donated to the worker, please communicate with me via DM. We have found him. Thank God."

Twitter: @ensaneyat

"Greetings. For those who are asking, here is the cleaning worker."

People then gifted Abdul Karim a jewelry set from the same shop he was seen standing outside of.

Twitter: @eexxch

"I bring you good news that a doer of good deeds did all what could be done for the worker."

In fact, he received several sets of jewelry.

Twitter: @ensaneyat

"We delivered to the worker what we promised, and we ask Allah to accept it as a good deed."

Twitter: @turkialdajam

"Praise be to God and thank you to everyone who helped do a good deed."

Online, people were incredibly touched by the story.

Twitter: @SAlwashahi

"Oh, God bless you."

Twitter: @_Lamiaa__

"May God bring happiness to your heart as you did for that man."

Twitter: @jewelm7md

"May Allah repay you for your good deeds. The world is still a good place as long as there are people who live to do good and seek to do good."

"After I announced that I had found him, I was surprised by the amount of calls from Saudi people who wanted to communicate with the cleaner and offer him gifts," Qahtani said.

"I felt how much we are good people, the mutual support and thanks to God," he said. "The feedback has been more than wonderful."