People On Twitter Are Freaking Out About This Life-Changing Corn Hack

We've been struggling with teeth for no reason all this time.

A Japanese Twitter user went viral last month after he discovered a genius hack people in Hokkaido have been using to eat corn on the cob.

His tweet about his discovery has racked up almost 40,000 retweets.


"The thing that shocked me the most after moving to Hokkaido was how they eat corn."

First, you create some space by emptying a row of kernels.

Then place your thumb over a row of kernels.

And push it toward the space.


You can then pick the kernels up or tip them onto a plate or a bowl.

Repeat and you end up with a cob looking like this.


People were shook.

"omg what is this ( ‘-’ )"

Their lives were changed.

@alovesun 自分、ビーバーみたいに齧りまくっとるけど今度からこうやって食べますわ。

"I usually nibble like a beaver, but I’ll eat it like this from next time."

While others shared their own hacks for how to eat corn on the cob.

@alovesun @kfmcgpwl 道民ですが、包丁で粒の部分をすべて切り落とし手から食べる派でっすw

"I’m from Hokkaido, but I cut off all the kernels with a knife and eat them with my hands lol."

Here's a side-by-side comparison of what the cob looks like eaten normally with teeth versus using the hack.

You're welcome.

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