This Might Be The Greatest Dog Photo Shoot Of All Time

Me as a dog. And as a dog owner.

On Saturday, a dog visited Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City, California, with her owner to do a photo shoot.

She was noticed by a human, 19-year-old Victoria Aycock, who was also visiting the pumpkin patch with her family.

Victoria Aycock

Aycock told BuzzFeed News she was walking from one end of the pumpkin patch to the other when she noticed the dog running from pumpkin to pumpkin, jumping up on them and posing for pictures.

“The owner could literally point to any pumpkin he wanted, and the dog would run there and pose for him,” Aycock said.

Twitter: @victoriaaycock

She said the owner would give the dog a treat between poses, with each pose taking five minutes or so.

“I genuinely thought it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen,” Aycock said.

Tracy Zanchi

She said she decided to tweeted it because she knew a lot of her friends would think it was funny and did not expect her tweet to go viral at all.

It has since been retweeted more than 57,000 times.

Aycock's tweet eventually found its way to the star of the shoot herself: Coco Puffz, an actor, model, and service dog from Los Angeles.

Tracy Zanchi

According to her Facebook page, Coco Puffz is a Chiweenie – a mix of half Dachsund and half Chihuahua.

Tracy Zanchi

Coco Puffz “loves to play, have fun and is always interested in the latest trends in doggie fashion couture,” according to her bio.

People related HARD to Coco Puffz.

And her dog owner.

And sometimes both.

They loved Coco Puffz's outfit, from head to paw.

As well as her supermodel demeanor.

She's pretty much more iconic than Kate Winslet in Titanic, tbh.

UPDATE: Coco Puffz's owner of seven years, 41-year-old Julia Zanchi from Beverly Hills, told BuzzFeed News she was very surprised to find that Coco Puffz had gone viral.

Zanchi and her husband Tracy do a pumpkin patch photo shoot with Coco Puffz every year for a personal use calendar.

"We're very proud that other people see her as we do," she said.

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