People Are Writing "Sorry About Ryan Lochte" Notes On A Wall At The Rio Airport

Hey, so this is awkward...

The 2016 Olympics have not been without drama, especially in the incident involving US swimmer Ryan Lochte, who claimed he was robbed at gunpoint.

As people prepare to leave Brazil after last night's closing ceremony, a marker board was erected in Rio's main airport for visitors to leave their messages for the host city.

"Goodbye, Rio. Sorry about Ryan Lochte"

The most popular message appears to be "Sorry about Ryan Lochte."

a marker board up at Rio's main airport where visitors going home's most popular message? "Sorry about Ryan Lochte"

On the "Leave a special message to Rio" wall at airport.

Seriously, apparently, Americans are super embarrassed about the whole peeing-behind-a-gas-station-then-ripping-a-framed-metal-advertisement-off-a-wall thing.

Marker board at Rio airport w/msgs from people leaving after #Olympics. "Sorry about Lochte"

But it looks like a few people from Chicago left a very special message too.

Wall at Rio airport. Thinking some Chicago folks have passed it and left a mark...

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