People Are Pissed About This Guy's Article About Bothering Women Wearing Headphones

"You don't."

An article titled "How to Talk to a Woman Who Is Wearing Headphones" on Australian pickup artist website The Modern Man went viral this week.

The author, Dan Bacon, a self-described "dating and relationship expert," writes that if a woman is wearing headphones, it "does not mean you can't talk to them."

He also includes a list of common mistakes guys make when approaching women who are wearing headphones, such as "giving up too easily."

Naturally, people were not happy.

Others immediately took the piss.

Some suggested what would happen when a man actually tried to talk to a woman who had her headphones on.

How To Deal With Men Who Approach You While You're Wearing Headphones

Twitter: @OhNoSheTwitnt

Then they started dragging the author.

They also gave him new article ideas.

And rewrote the headline for him.

But everyone agreed on one thing: Just don't.

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