Women In China Are Sharing This "Hack" For How To Eat With Lipstick On And It's Hilarious


A video of various people using a "hack" for how to make lipstick last through eating — by fitting the entire spoonful of food into your mouth without touching your lips — has gone incredibly viral this week.

Facebook: video.php

The video was first shared on a popular Taiwanese Facebook page, where it got more than 1.3 million views, and was later picked up by 9GAG, where it gained more than 10 million views and more than 57,000 shares.

Facebook: video.php

A lot of people thought it was really funny and could relate.

The videos were actually taken from Chinese video app Dou Yin, a more advanced version of Musical.ly, which allows users to shoot 15-second music videos over popular songs.

There's an app in China that's basically a more advanced version of musical.ly and a crossover between Vine and Sna… https://t.co/r5dSc3uNYK

Besides allowing users to add face filters and effects during filming, the app also has editing capabilities. Users can pause while filming, similar to Vine.

The app also has a challenges section, where people can start a style of video that others then take part in.

Earlier this week, the official Dou Yin account had created a challenge titled "My Big Mouth Never Stains The Cup," which several people took part in.

For the challenge, women apply lipstick while saying, "What do you mean how do I drink water after applying lipstick? I just drink it normally." They then turn on a big-mouth face filter and drink the water.

People immediately got really creative with the challenge and started trying it out with food as well.

User @jingyun then uploaded a video of her applying lipstick and putting a whole spoonful of food in her mouth over Pikotaro's song "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen." The video went particularly viral on the app, gaining more than 301,000 likes.

It then turned into a spinoff challenge called "Eating After Applying Lipstick," and women all over China joined in.

Soon enough, everyone was taking part.

And the results are hilarious.

Nailed it.

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