After South Korea's World Cup Win, Mexico Supporters Have Been Accused Of Racism

The two TV hosts who were suspended for making the gesture live on TV have since apologized.

Two US-based TV show hosts have been suspended indefinitely after they made slant-eyed gestures on a live broadcast celebrating South Korea’s 2–0 win against Germany in the World Cup on Wednesday.

Dear @Telemundo @TelemundoSports & @TLMDPR , whoever this guy is on the left needs to get fired ASAP for being a racist on air. If someone were to say or make racist gestures about Latinx folks we'd ALL be up in arms & this is no different #SayNoToRacism #TelemundoMundial

Germany’s shocking defeat was celebrated by Mexico fans, as it meant that previous World Cup champions Germany would not be advancing to the knockout round, but that Mexico, which was defeated by Sweden, would.

Hosts James Tahhan and Janice Bencosme were seen making slant-eyed gestures while other cast members danced and laughed during a live on-set celebration on the Spanish-language network Telemundo’s morning program Un Nuevo Dia.

@Telemundo, don't let your host make racist gestures on the air. 😐 Thanks! @UnNuevoDia #MundialTelemundo

People immediately called it racist.

@Telemundo with the inappropriate Korea jokes. #racist #worldcup #racista #korea

In a world that desperately demand respect for our Latinos, this pretentious clowns from @Telemundo are misrepresenting and entire community with this racist remark. We can do better! What a shame.

Similarly, Mexico fans have also come under fire for making the slant-eyed gesture to thank South Korea.

To every single person who says they didn't know this was offensive, let me say it clearly: IT IS OFFENSIVE. Stop doing this. These folks may not have meant offense, but it is offensive nonetheless. This is what many of us see before we get our asses kicked.

Several tweets showing Mexico fans making the gesture went viral in Korea, with many calling it racist.

멕시코 사람들아 1절만 하자


형제니 사랑한다니 뭐니 하면서 이건 대체 뭘까요..인종차별 행위인거 알고 이런다고 하던데..

"They say they love us and that we are their brothers then what's this…I heard they know that this is a racist gesture..."

인종차별하는 형제는 필요없다

"We don't need brothers who are racist."

People were furious.

see what the fuck we’re NOT about to do, mexico are these racist and belittling gestures after we bumped y’all up. you got a funny way showing gratitude. smfh

Think these responses to South Korea for winning Germany and allowing Mexican pass are unnecessary. You can be grateful to them without being disrespectful. Then you get offended and mad crazy asking for apology when Koreans are ignorant and do similar stuff...I know this aint

And found it unbelievable that people were still making racist poses in 2018.

It's unbelievable to see people are still making racist poses in 2018. I hate people. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Telemundo issued a statement Thursday saying that Tahhan and Bencosme had been suspended indefinitely, and that their behavior was "contrary to the company's values and standards."

Tahhan and Bencosme both also shared public apologies on their respective social media accounts.

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