People In China Are Dramatically Transforming Themselves For The Latest Challenge "Karma's A Bitch"

"Oh well, karma's a bitch."

People in China are sharing videos of drastic transformations for the latest meme – "karma's a bitch."

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The videos usually start with people dressed down in pajamas or hoodies and without makeup, singing along to the song "Antique Gucci," a Cryptex mashup of the Kreayshawn song "Gucci Gucci" and Beats Antique's "I Got".

They then say the line, "Oh well, karma's a bitch" — first said by Veronica Lodge in the TV series Riverdale — and throw a towel over themselves to transform their look completely.

It's kind of like "me, before vs. after I get ready to go out."

And the results are truly next level.

People have gotten really creative with it.

Like, really creative.

The videos were so incredible that a video compilation featuring some of the best ones became the top post on Reddit on Friday.

The videos are being made on Chinese video app Dou Yin, a more advanced version of, which allows users to shoot 15-second music videos over popular songs.

There's an app in China that's basically a more advanced version of and a crossover between Vine and Sna…

Besides allowing users to add face filters and effects during filming, the app also has editing capabilities. Users can pause while filming, similar to Vine.

The app also has a challenges section, where people can start a style of video that others then take part in.

Other challenges from the app have also gone viral on both Chinese and Western media.

Me, trying (and failing) to do this challenge.

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