Oh My God, Please Stop Popping Your Soup Dumplings Before You Eat Them

Enough of this madness.

Hey, you know the xiaolongbao?

Yeah, these little blessed soup dumplings that come steamed in bamboo baskets.

Apparently, some of you have been "popping" these dumplings in your bowls and plates and draining them of the soup within before you consume them.




This Time Out video has a bunch of clips from Instagram of people POPPING THEIR DUMPLINGS what is happenniinngggg.

Facebook: video.php

People are absolutely furious.

It's basically the equivalent of "smearing jam all over your plate and eating your toast plain".

They pointed out that the soup is an integral — and arguably the best — part of the xiaolongbao.

And gave a step-by-step guide to how to eat it.

It even made it to the BBC.

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