No One Can Believe China's Hottest New Boy Band Is Actually Made Of Women

"Wow, I'm gay."

Meet China's hottest new boy band, FFC-Acrush.

The FFC in the band's name stands for Fantastic Football Confederation, which consists of several bands that combine entertainment and sports. All FFC band members have to learn to play soccer to show they are "full of positive energy."

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There's Lu Keran, the band leader.

Lu Keran(陆柯燃)作为Acrush组合中的队长及舞蹈担当,她谦谦有礼、明朗阳光、舞技精湛,认真负责是她的代名词,能够领导队员们一齐奋发上进,包容谦和,是个优秀的Leader。靠近她的人都会不自觉被她的气场所吸引,浑身散发着…

And An Junxi, who raps.

An Junxi(安俊浠)作为Acrush的说唱担当,能力不容小觑。是个外表高冷,叛逆不羁的少年。什么都不care,我行我素。这样独特的个性吸引大波迷妹的喜爱。她对RAP文化有独道见解,擅长把对生活和感情的理解化作歌词、韵律传达出…

Min Junqian plays the jazz drums, piano, and several other instruments.

Min Junqian(闵俊千)擅长爵士鼓、钢琴等多种乐器,模仿主持表现力都极强。多次的演艺经历造就她综合的应变能力和临场发挥的能力。她的幽默细胞已经根深蒂固,综艺感甚至蔓延到了日常生活里,自黑的娱乐精神使得有她在的地方总是充满欢…

Peng Xichen is FFC-Acrush's lead singer.

Peng Xichen(彭兮辰)是Acrush组合中的主唱担当,歌唱实力毋庸置疑。多年来积攒的舞台经验,成就他沉稳的台风,多次获得的奖项,更是对她实力的肯定。温柔浪漫的她也会偶尔透露出可爱小话唠的一面,外表沉稳大方,内心却无比体贴。

Lin Fan is the youngest member and the baby of the band.

Lin Fan(林凡)是Acrush团宠。是个自认为高冷的傻白甜,骨子里却有一股执拗的韧性。自知稍欠做艺人的天赋,所以非常刻苦,对梦想非常执着。如此的人格魅力赢得众多粉丝的青睐。在队内也是年龄最小的一个,受到大家的宠溺和疼爱。

The "A" in Acrush is short for Adonis, who is the Greek god known as the epitome of male beauty.

FFC-Acrush少年团是隶属于FFC组合的一列分支组合。Acrush即Adonis Crush,中文名为:“被迷恋的美少年”。2016年3月全国海选,2016年8月开启练习生培训。她们帅气的外表下融合了强大的娱乐基因,即将掀起…

The only catch is...all of the band members are women.

People first noticed FFC-Acrush after the band performed at a university in Zhejiang during a "Husband Exhibition" put on by Chinese internet company Tencent last month.

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At first, people were shocked to discover that the band members were actually women.

But then they quickly fell in love.

Although the group has yet to release their first single, an FFC-Acrush Weibo fan account has already gained more than 880,000 followers since it was launched earlier in March.

In a video shared on FFC-Acrush's Weibo, people were straight up fangirling during the band's performance.

This person practically lost it when she met one of the band members.

Fans have even turned the band members into memes.

FFC Acrush's first single is expected later this month.

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BuzzFeed News has reached out to FFC-Acrush's representatives for comment.

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