We Went To One Of Asia's Best K-Pop Academies And It Almost Killed Us

We got to sit in on a class at one of Asia's premier K-pop training centers and oh my god was it intense.

Last month, we visited one of the biggest K-Pop academies in South Korea.

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If you've spent any time on the internet in the last couple years, you probably already know that people are kind of ~obsessed~ with the idea of being trained up as a K-pop star.

The genre is blowing up right now. BTS, arguably the biggest K-Pop group in the world, debuted on American TV last year after dominating the charts in South Korea and their first single off their newest album, "DNA," broke 20 million views on YouTube in 20 hours.

We got to visit the Global K Center. It's a K-pop academy where students come for a few weeks to sharpen their skills.

We were told when we got there that the area had originally been built for English expats, but the idea didn't really catch on.

It even has its own City Hall.

Also, it's right next to the North Korean border.

The school has everything an aspiring idol would need. There's a broadcasting studio.

Personal training rooms where students practice in between classes.

And of course, dance classes.

The nice folks at Global K Center agreed to let us sit in on a class.

First, we had to stretch.

Turns out that after the warm-up, there was more dancing! Who knew.

That guy in the hat was our instructor. He was very cool and very patient with us.

Also, the class we were sitting in on was for beginners, so learning some basic steps was pretty easy (at first).

After 30 minutes, Ryan was holding up nicely.

But enough about us. We also talked to a few of the kids who come to Global K Center to chase their K-pop dreams. People in the class we were sitting in on were from Taiwan and they were all super cool.


Ding Yao

So what did we learn from this whole thing?

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