This Japanese Grandma Overheard A Colombian Soccer Fan Practicing "Congratulations" In Japanese And Gave Her Her Lucky Kimono

This is so pure.

This is Kumiko Sano, a 71-year-old from Ehime prefecture in Japan.

Sano attended her first World Cup match on Tuesday, to which she wore her lucky kimono to watch Japan play Colombia.

As she was leaving after Japan's surprise 2–1 victory, Sano saw a Colombian fan practicing how to say "omedeto" — "congratulations" in Japanese — outside the stadium.

She was so touched that she decided to give her lucky kimono to the Colombian fan.

And they took this adorable photo together.

The photographer who took the photos, Kazuki Okamoto, told BuzzFeed News that he and Sano were traveling in the same tour group.

昨日の試合後、一緒に同行していたとある女性が、コロンビアサポーターの女性に自分が着て応援していた着物をプレゼントする一幕もあったんです。 「試合に負けたのに、彼女からおめでとうって言われたのが本当に嬉しかった。彼女にこの着物を渡したいから通訳してほしい」 71歳。 サッカーって深い

Okamoto tweeted the photos he took, and the tweet has since gone viral.

Okamoto said that the tour group they are on is one in which adult volunteers take middle schoolers from tsunami disaster areas to soccer World Cup matches.

The story made people super emotional.

ええ話や(T ^ T)

"What a touching story 😭"


"I'm crying."

They thought it was the cutest thing.

サッカーを通してコロンビアと絆が芽生えてますね。美しい光景だな^ ^

"A bond between Japan and Colombia is built right here. It's so beautiful."


“I hope I still love soccer when I'm her age."

It goes to show the power soccer has in bringing people together.


"This just reminded me of the power of soccer and it’s so moving. Soccer and sports are amazing.”


“Being a soccer supporter is not just about supporting your own nation. It's about people coming together and enjoying this sport.”

サッカーが好き 自分の国を応援したい 相手を敬い、相手がいるからこそ試合ができる そんな思いに国境はないよね 負けてもおめでとうと言える人 素敵だと思う いい話を聞かせてもらいました ありがとうございます

"There's no border when it comes to loving soccer, supporting your team, and respecting others who make the match possible. This is such a great story.”


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