A Japanese Medical University Lowered Female Students' Scores Because It Didn't Want Too Many Women Doctors

The university believed accepting more male students would help solve the university hospital's doctor shortage because female doctors would inevitably drop out of the workforce after they get married and give birth to children.

A top medical university in Japan has allegedly been lowering the scores of female applicants to keep the ratio of women at the university below 30 percent.

People were outraged.

信じられない・・・ 自分の育った場所が、まだ本当に、こんな場所なんだってこと、悲しくなる。女の子たちの夢を応援したいと思います。 東京医大、女子受験生を一律減点…合格者数抑制 : 読売新聞 https://t.co/P5Um2Xsxle

"I can’t believe this… It makes me so sad to find out that these things are still happening in the place I grew up. I will cheer for and support every girl’s dream."

これ決めた人間って家事育児介護と仕事の両立に悩んだことないんだろうな。お前らが家のことやらずに仕事だけやって済まされてきたのは誰のおかげなんだよ。誰にお前ら家のこと子どものこと押し付けてきたんだよ言ってみろよ https://t.co/sBO1bxYjau

"Whoever decided to do this must have never worried about balancing work, parenting, housework and nursing. Who do you think did all your chores so that you can just worry about work and do nothing. Who did you push your duty as a parent to, just say it."


"If you are going to lower women’s test scores, you have to say so from the beginning. Then we won't apply to such a university. It’s a waste of an application fee. This is fraud. They should repay the female applicants."

A spokesperson for Tokyo Medical University told BuzzFeed Japan that the university is currently conducting an internal investigation and will hold a press conference this month about the results.

Japanese universities are allowed to set a student gender ratio as long as they make it public, Asahi Shimbun reported. Tokyo Medical University did not announce the ratio while recruiting students.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office is also aware of the details of the case, according to Yomiuri.

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