People Are Roasting The Shit Out Of This Company That Invented A "Pause Pod," Which Is Basically A Tent

The inventors say the Pause Pod is a "the world's first private pop up space suitable for all your relaxation needs."

A group of people from Gothenburg, Sweden, are currently crowdfunding an invention on Indiegogo and Kickstarter called the "Pause Pod."

According to its Indiegogo page, the Pause Pod is "the world's first private pop up space suitable for all your relaxation needs."

It allows you to "take a nap anywhere."

Besides popping out in seconds and shutting light and sounds out, the Pause Pod also features a "foldable leg compartment" that allows for impromptu naps.

Yesterday, Insider tweeted out a video featuring the invention, which is currently selling for half price at $99 on Indiegogo.

And people on Twitter couldn't help but immediately note its similarities to a...I don't know...a tent?

People were not exactly thrilled by the idea.

And wondered how it was possible to even come up with such an idea.

Because, yeah, it's totally normal to pop a Pause Pod out at work...

While you're looking after a child...

And at home, right beside your bed.

A lot of people also pointed out there would be much more practical uses for it.

In conclusion:


One of the inventors for Pause Pod told BuzzFeed News that he finds the comments "quite amusing."

"Our main intention with the project is to shine a light on today’s stressful society and remind people to take their time to relax and recharge in order to live a happy life, no matter how you do it," he said. "We're well aware that it's not suitable for everyone, and that's perfectly fine."

He added that the Pause Pod is indeed a version of a tent, and that the inventors never said otherwise.

He also said that the company intends to give Pause Pods to "schools and organisations that can find a use for them beyond relaxing, for example, homeless people and people with autism."

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