Alright, So, How Does Arthur Wear Glasses?

A very important question.

Last year, people discovered that Arthur doesn't seem to understand how his ears work and can apparently hear sound through his skull.

Now people are wondering how he would wear glasses.

Because apparently he doesn't know how to hang them off his ears either.

Brian Jun, a 28-year-old Art Producer at Lab Zero Games in Hollywood, decided to settle this question once and for all.

This week, he tweeted out three possible ways that Arthur could wear glasses and it's been retweeted thousands of times.

Jun told BuzzFeed News that he was wondering how characters with animal ears deal with headphones when someone tweeted him the photo of Arthur with the headphones.

"At that point, I realized the temples of the glasses weren't hanging onto anything, so I just wanted to draw some other takes on it," Jun said.

The people kind of ran with it.

And started offering up their own theories.

They ranged from simple...

To, uh, elaborate.

He could just forgo glasses in general.

Or, you know, there's this thing called contacts.

Weighing in, Jun said he thinks Arthur wears the glasses "as he's always had, but with probably some spit holding them up."

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