People Can't Figure Out If This Kid's Cartoon Is A Cat Or A Bird

"This is the second coming of Christ."

Rylee Lockhart, an 18-year-old from Sacramento, California, was in the middle of a family dinner this week when her younger brother Ethan slid her a Post-It note.

The drawing is either of a cat or a bird depending on which way you look at it.

"I was eating dinner with my sister, and she looked a little down, so I drew something I had seen a different version of online and gave it to her," Ethan, who is 16, told BuzzFeed News.

Twitter: @lionpudding

The cat-bird graph has been around for a few years, making headlines in 2014 for its similarity to the famous rabbit duck optical illusion.

Rylee told BuzzFeed News that she thought the drawing was adorable so tweeted it. Her tweet has since been retweeted more than 42,000 times.

It took some time for people to see it, but when they finally did, they didn't know whether to be confused or impressed.

@Shut_Up_Jade @lionpudding I'm so confused and impressed

If you want to be further mindblown, then check out this rabbit-duck graph that someone else's little brother drew.

And the new political compass.

"I didn't even know he noticed I was feeling poorly," Rylee said, adding that the drawing absolutely made her feel better.

Rylee Lockhart

"Ethan has a knack of making small trinkets or doing magic tricks to help cheer people up," she added.