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Donald Trump's Granddaughter Sang A Song In Chinese For Lunar New Year And People Are Obsessed

"Her Chinese is so good! I'm shook!!!"

Posted on February 3, 2017, at 7:25 a.m. ET

Yesterday, Ivanka Trump posted a video of her daughter – and Donald Trump's granddaughter – Arabella Kushner singing a song she learned for Lunar New Year on her Instagram account.

Arabella is currently learning Chinese and had previously captured the hearts of people in China after a video of her reciting poems in Mandarin for Chinese New Year last year went viral following Trump's election.

This year's video was again flooded with Chinese commentors, who wished Arabella and her family a very happy Lunar New Year.

"Happy Lunar New Year! May you be happy and prosperous!"

"So cute! Happy Lunar New Year!"

"Happy Lunar New Year! Wishing you great fortune and prosperity!"

A lot of people praised her Chinese.

"Her Chinese is so good! I'm shook!!!"

"As a Chinese person, I think her Mandarin is very good. Her tones and everything are excellent."


Most were just smitten.

"Love you lil cutie!"

Ivanka posted the video after she and Arabella made a trip to the Chinese embassy in Washington for a Lunar New Year event yesterday.

View this video on YouTube

The two were welcomed by China's ambassador to the U.S., Cui Tiankai, and the visit was captured by Chinese TV channel CGTN.

In the video, Arabella can be heard saying "thank you" in Mandarin, and Ivanka calls her daughter "her little translator."

The video of the visit was widely shared on Chinese social network Weibo, where a lot of people threw shade at Trump for not making the visit himself nor issuing a Lunar New Year message.

"The adults didn't come and the children did? Obviously they are trying to scam red envelopes out of us. As if we can't see right through them."

"He has a good daughter πŸ€”"

"The adults of your family didn't come and wish us a happy Lunar New Year. There's no way our country is giving your daughter any red envelopes."

Others also took the opportunity to take a jab at Trump's tweeting habits by referencing a widely-shared fake Trump tweet in which he wishes people a happy Lunar New Year and β€œji nian da ji ba”, which means β€œgrow a bigger cock in the year of the rooster."

"Didn't he wish us a happy Lunar New Year on Twitter? Ji nian da ji ba."