People Are Totally Obsessed With This Dad Sending His Family Weird Photos Of His Huge Cube

We've reached peak dad.

A few days ago, Shaun Moriarty, a 36-year-old creative director and designer from Brisbane, Australia, discovered his dad had a cube and has been taking photos of it.

Moriarty told BuzzFeed News that the cube "just appeared in our family iMessage group" one day.

"After a bit of banter, he just started posting photos of it around the house before finally putting it to bed," Moriarty said.

Moriarty said his dad's response to finding out he had gone viral was to ask if people wanted more pictures of the cube.

The answer was yes, so he sent more.

"We’d all been at my folks’ for Christmas which can be a little energetic, so I just assumed he’d needed to burn off some excess energy by confusing us," Moriarty said.

He said that Tom, a retired photographer, later told him he is planning on photographing the cube to display lens distortion at different focal lengths.

People then started sharing their own cubes.

There were plenty of references.

@RUMOKO @aeridel I hope no one makes him throw it in an incinerator...

The cube even inspired some photoshopping...

As well as a fan art.

Moriarty said he did not expect his tweet to go viral, but can see the "wholesome appeal of an unexplained inanimate unadorned cube being appreciated by the dad who made it."

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