Catalonia Declared Independence For Just Six Seconds And Now People Are Confused

"Independence! ... No, sorry, I meant to say Moonlight."

On Tuesday, the President of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, made an address to the region's parliament in Barcelona saying that it had won the right to be independent from Spain.

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Puigdemont's address comes after the results of a disputed referendum earlier this month that saw the region — which has been living in relative autonomy for the last nearly half-century — vote overwhelmingly in favor of leaving Spain.

The results of the referendum were, however, skewed, as the Spanish government in Madrid had declared it illegal and put a ban on voting, which resulted in clashes between Spanish police and Catalan voters.

However, a few seconds after seeming to declare Catalonian independence, Puigdemont immediately suspended it "for a few weeks, to open a period of dialogue."

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People were very confused.

Los compañeros de la prensa extranjera. #confusing #10Oct #Catalonia

@SaraCantosGarci / Twitter / Via Twitter: @SaraCantosGarci

"The foreign press right now."

Cuando te dicen que han declarado la Independencia pero no la ves por ningún lado. #10oct

@_davidjimenez_ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_davidjimenez_

"When they tell you they have declared independence but you don't see it anywhere."

They compared Catalonia's short-lived independence to a scene from the Simpsons.

@JocheDiaz / Twitter / Via Twitter: @JocheDiaz

"Catalonian independence."

And Puigdemont's address to a notable plot twist in recent history.

¡Independencia!... No, perdón, quería decir Moonlight #10Oct

@vicentecabeza / Twitter / Via Twitter: @vicentecabeza

"Independence! ... No, sorry, I meant to say Moonlight."

A lot of people thought Puigdemont was a giant troll.

@politocracia / Twitter / Via Twitter: @politocracia

From left: "Dialogue, Puigdemont, Unilateral declaration of independence."

Harry Potter ensayando el hechizo "Independencium Interruptus". #10Oct

@tortondo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @tortondo

"Harry Potter practicing the spell of 'Independence Interruptus.'"

Y con esto os doy mis buenas noches 😂#10Oct #Puigdemont

@rubeaguiler / Twitter / Via Twitter: @rubeaguiler

"And with this, I bid you good night."

@kristinajl / Twitter / Via Twitter: @kristinajl

"This is good."

And knew exactly what was going on between Barcelona — Catalonia's capital and largest city — and Madrid.

@ximicomics / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ximicomics
@estherdelcampo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @estherdelcampo

Others made sure to memorialize Catalonia's six seconds of independence.

@javmallo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @javmallo

Several tweets with two Reuters photos showing the same woman's reaction to the independence declaration and its subsequent suspension also went viral.

Photo #1: Catalonia has won right to independence. Photo #2: But let’s suspend declaration of Independence.…

@SharifMugh / Twitter / Via Twitter: @SharifMugh

And she quickly became an extremely relatable meme.

Cuando compras la independencia por Aliexpress vs Cuando te llega a casa #10Oct #Parlament #Puigdemont

@GenteQueLucha / Twitter / Via Twitter: @GenteQueLucha

"When you buy independence on Aliexpress vs. When you get home."

@ResiVil / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ResiVil

"And I shaved for this?"



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