14 Badass Women From Around The World You Probably Haven't Heard About

Women are so great.

This March, @instagram is collaborating with BuzzFeed News reporter and producer Kassy Cho of @world to find and highlight women around the globe who are making an impact in their local community and on Instagram. Stay tuned on @instagram and @world to see more.

1. Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden who has inspired thousands of students around the world to strike against climate change inaction.

2. Parisa Pourtaherian, a photographer who shoots soccer matches in Iran, where women generally aren't allowed in soccer stadiums.

3. Thelma Fardin, an Argentine actor who started a national conversation about sexual harassment and abuse in her country.

4. Rahmalia Aufa Yazid, a freelance creator in Japan who combines Muslim and Japanese fashion.

5. Ramla Ali, a Somali boxer who is the first Muslim woman to win an English boxing title.

6. Johanna Toruño, aka the Unapologetically Brown Series, a New York–based street artist using public spaces to tell the stories of people of color.

7. Kheris Rogers, a 12-year-old in Los Angeles who started her own fashion line after she was bullied for her dark skin.

8. Macarena Sánchez, an Argentine soccer player who is fighting for women soccer players to be recognized as professionals in the country.

9. Yagazie Emezi, a Nigerian photographer documenting life in Africa with a focus on women and their stories.

10. Dani Burt, a World Adaptive Surfing champion from the US.

11. Maria Qamar, aka Hatecopy, a Canadian artist who draws pop art featuring desi women.

12. Kimiko Nishimoto, a 90-year-old Japanese grandmother who takes amazing self-portraits.

13. Madeline Stuart, the world's first professional model with Down syndrome, from Australia.

14. Charlotte Allingham, an Indigenous Australian illustrator whose art focuses on Indigenous women.

Saori Ibuki contributed additional reporting to this post.

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