15 Things That People Think Pluto Looks Like

A heart, Snoopy, and a malted ball with the chocolate licked off.

NASA has released the first close-up photo of Pluto, and some people have noticed striking similarities to a few things. Here are some of the best ones:

1. A malted milk ball without its coating.

Pluto looks like a chocolate malted ball after you've licked all the chocolate off. #PlutoFlyby

2. A cute crumpet with some love to give.

So many interpretations of just one image... This one via "metallicabmc" on reddit https://t.co/kUulPAu91V

3. Kim K's latest ~dirty~ magazine spread.

4. A sloth.

kindda crazy pluto looks like an outline of a sloth's face, 4 days away from Slothsgiving

5. An extraterrestrial.

Pluto looks like a alien's head. 명왕성 왠지 외계인 머리같아. 머리 감느라 잠깐 태양계 이탈? #PlutoFlyby

6. A suspended bear head.

That awkward moment we realize Pluto is just a giant floating panda head

7. This man's adorable daughter.

My daughter looks a lot like Pluto ...

8. Snoopy!

Why the my call it #Pluto when it looks like Snoopy?

9. This delay in transmissions.

It looks like Pluto JUST got the Spice Girls.

10. A beautiful model.

11. A twinkle-eyed anime character.

12. Speaking of anime, Sailor Pluto knew about the heart all along.

The giant "heart" on Pluto looks familiar.

13. A Google Deep Dream nightmare.

So @google Well played. Looks like @NASA and @nasahqphoto found more evidence Pluto was aptly named. #deepdream

14. Pepe.

15. Last but not least, Pluto!


What do you think Pluto looks like? Tell us below!

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