The MythBusters Are Asking For Myths To Bust

What do you want them to blow up?

The MythBusters have been making things explode for 13 seasons.

They have also performed other very serious research and busted more than 960 myths.

Now they're turning to Reddit for a special episode where you get to pick the myths. Adam Savage wrote in a post:

You read that right: I'm happy to announce that we're doing MythBusters: The Reddit Special! Yup, we're handing over the editorial of an episode to YOU. So if you've got a TESTABLE myth you want us to tackle, post it below. If you've got a myth you think we messed up and should do again, then put it here in this thread. We are also interested in novel methodologies if you guy have something interesting in that regard too! If you want us to blow something up, here's where you can tell us! Or if you've just got a burning desire to send something weird and wonderful to its doom courtesy of the rocket sled, then you know what to do. (Post it below!)

We're definitely up for some fun with stuff like farting, but anything more R-rated than that (and we know how Reddit works) is not going to fly! In two weeks' time, the MythBusters R&D team will trawl through this entire thread and select the myths / stunts / questions / requests that are the best fit for the show, and then we'll fast-track the episode to a screen near you in early 2016. Happy posting!

Here are some of the top responses so far:

What would you want them to bust? (Be sure to post it in the Reddit thread!)

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