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How To Make Your Very Own Biological Clock Using A Potato

A new series is making science ~sexy.~

Posted on August 4, 2015, at 8:16 p.m. ET

A new six-part web series from Amy Poehler's Smart Girls promises to make science fun and sexy.

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls / Via

Experimenting with Megan Amram is a tongue-in-cheek series featuring the comedy writer and author of Science…for Her!

Amram will do experiments and interview smart women β€” all while looking really good. This week we learn how to make a lady's most valuable asset: a biological clock!

After making a regular potato clock, you'll need to stab it into a doll.

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls / Via

After all, our biological clocks are crucial to let us know when to make babies!!!

She also asks hard-hitting questions:

Amy Poehler's Smart GIrls / Via

Amram asks: "So I wanna ask what I think of as the most universal question in science: Do you like me?"

Her guest Dr. Beverley McKeon, an engineer and aeronautics professor at Caltech, is working on solving the problem of turbulence and has even tested the new World Cup soccer balls.

Sexy science rating: πŸ”¬ πŸ”¬ πŸ”¬ πŸ”¬

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls / Via

Extra brownie points for the ultra chic set.

Watch the full video below, and you can catch new episodes every Monday on Amy Poehler's Smart Girls.

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