17 Experiments You Should Definitely Never Do

We actually mean it this time. H/T r/chemicalreactiongifs

No, seriously, you'll need chemical know-how and a safe lab environment, so don't try anything at home.

1. Melt aluminum and make it splat using an electromagnet.

2. Dump liquid nitrogen into a pool.

3. Freeze lightning into what's known as a Lichtenberg Figure.

4. Smash a flower that's been frozen with liquid nitrogen.

5. Make chemical fireflies.

6. Summon a warlock with a trimethyl borate wildfire.

7. Trap your hand in hot ice, or sodium acetate trihydrate.

8. Light some salts of chloride and methanol.

9. Make purple smoke with iodine and a light sprinkle of magnesium powder.

10. Create a gummy bear fireball with potassium chlorate.

11. Grow silver crystals on copper.

12. Hail a Pharaoh's serpent with mercury(II) thiocyanate.

13. Drop rubidium into water that contains an indicator.

14. Pour water into burning oil.

15. Make a cube float using a conductive surface that's been cooled with liquid nitrogen.

16. Quantum lock a superconductor.

17. Watch the world burn.

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