15 Of The Best Moments From "Bill Nye, The Science Guy" On Netflix

Take a trip down science memory lane.

An assorted collection of 30 Bill Nye, The Science Guy episodes spanning five seasons are now on Netflix.

1. There was this time where he cut bread with a chainsaw to demonstrate the Earth's crust.

2. This amazing game show with host Johnny Digest.

3. The time Full House's Candace Cameron dropped by to extinguish a fire tornado.

4. Bill floating through space to explain our planet's magnetic power.

5. When Bill grabbed some groceries in full scuba gear.

6. Queen Lighteefa.

7. These superheroes of the atmosphere.

8. The time Bill drove a grass-covered car.

9. When Bill clung to a beam in a wind tunnel and yelled “SCIENCE!”

10. When we found out what happens when planets stop being a mystery and start being real.

11. The time Bill got lost in a ball pit to explain how populations work.

12. When we met these rescue dogs being trained for when disaster strikes.

13. The Wizard of Odds.

14. When Bill floated on a giant lily pad in the middle of a lake.

15. When Bill moshed with a bunch of electrons in an elevator.


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