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These Facebook Pages Offer To Take Refugees To Germany

A number of pages on the social media site lists pricing for false paperwork and show misleading photos of luxury yachts the refugees can use to travel to Europe.

Posted on September 4, 2015, at 1:52 p.m. ET

This page, which has been on Facebook for months, makes alleged offers to bring people from conflict areas safely across the Mediterranean to Europe.

The advertisement says "For 2000 euros, we can take you safely to Greece islands" and shows a tourist yacht. In response to messages for more information, the person running the website simply says, "I'm sorry, I'm busy. Here is my phone number."

Here's another picture on the page that advertises flights to Europe. "If you are seeking refuge and traveling to Germany, we can help you get there in safe and guaranteed way," it says. They also provide a phone number to call.

The page advertised on the image -- Europe.Road -- looks like this. It focuses mostly on teaching people how to prepare their papers to become a refugee, and what to do during different interviews at European embassies.

On this "Europe Road" page, we found even more pictures that promote travel to Europe from the Middle East. The page says it provides "warranty and safety of 100 percent."

Many refugees have no documents to travel to Europe. The operators of the "Way to Europe" page publish a price list for these documents. A new passport will cost $1,500, for example. It's basically like a supermarket, but for false papers.

There are even reviews of the page. The accounts of the commentators appeared to belong to real people.

We called the number that was provided on the "Road to Europe" Facebook page.

The man who picked up the phone first spoke in English but then hung up. Later, I only reached his voice mail. He clearly didn't want to speak. You can hear the recording here.

One of the most bizarre Facebook Pages was this, called "Way to Europe," which was aimed at those "interested in smuggling and seeking asylum in Europe."

On the page, people ask questions like, “Guys, I would like to know how can I can go to Germany from Turkey," and others respond to him.

On the page, people ask questions like, “Guys, I would like to know how can I can go to Germany from Turkey," and others respond to him.

The administrator of this group is "Samer Homsi" who has posted this picture which he claims shows his way to Europe.

In one of the posts, a user asks for a smuggler who can take people from Budapest to Germany. He receives a response with a list of phone numbers.

Most of the websites sides have been published recently and have around 10,000 followers and only a few posts. Although we could not confirm if the websites are entirely genuine, there were plenty of indications that implied they could be real.

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