10 Comics That Got You Through 2016

We asked artists to create work that went beyond words. Here are some of our favorites from 2016.

Lixia Guo / BuzzFeed News

A Climate Guide For The Grieving —Levi Hastings

Levi Hastings

“Gloom may persist for several weeks or months.”

This Comic About A Chicken Will Make You Cry —Mari Naomi

Mari Naomi

Seriously, though.

How To Find The Place Where You Can Grow —Adam Szym

Adam Szym

"Any place can be a cage."

How Delivering Meals To Seniors Showed Me The Real New York —Kate Gavino

Kate Gavino

After years of living in a place I couldn’t really know, it was volunteering with a meal delivery service — and meeting the people who needed those meals — that finally opened New York City up to me.

How Black People Keep Each Other Alive —Hannah Giorgis and Charlotte Gomez

Charlotte Gomez

In a world where any interaction with police could turn us into hashtags, black people remind each other that our lives matter.

9 Incredible Women Who Spent Their Lives Fighting To Change America —Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl

Miriam Klein Stahl

There won’t be a female president next year, but soon. These are just a few of the many brilliant women from history who paved the way for the women yet to come.

What It Feels Like Being A Trans Person Serving In The Armed Forces —Jess Ruliffson

Jess Ruliffson

Fighting hard to fit in.

A Flowchart For People Who Get Defensive When Talking About Racism —Mira Jacob

Mira Jacob

If you’ve ever felt defensive or hurt when your non-white friends have talked about racism, this flowchart’s for you.

I Tried To Eat My Past And My Past Ate Me —Haejin Park

Haejin Park

Exploring the difficulties of moving past the memories that haunt us.

Badass Bisexual Women In History You Should Know —Hazel Newlevant

Hazel Newlevant

No, Mom, my bisexuality is not a “youthful phase.”