People Are Pissed At Vanity Fair Mexico For Featuring Melania Trump On Their Cover

They called her "the new Jackie Kennedy" with pictures of her eating jewels.

The relationship between the United States and Mexico has become a bit tense over the past week.

In the midst of all this controversy, Vanity Fair Mexico published its new edition with none other than Melania Trump on the cover.

They called her "the new Jackie Kennedy" and featured pictures of her eating jewels.

The pictures are not new — they had been published in April 2016 in GQ. Still, people in Mexico reacted strongly to the front page.

Por lo visto @VanityFairMX se quiere ganar el repudio de sus lectores. Es increíble que en estos momentos ÉSTA tipa…

"It seems like @VanityFairMX wants to win the hate of its readers. It's unbelievable that in this moment THIS woman is on the cover GROSS!"

The anger was palpable.

No hay límite para la humillación, ni para la estupidez de @VanityFairMX

"There is no limit for humiliation or the stupidity of @VanityFairMX."

Some took it as an insult against Mexican pride.

@VanityFairMX de lejos, la peor portada. Qué patada en el orgullo para el público mexicano al que tienen tanto que ofrecer.

"@VanityFairMX by far the worst cover. What a blow to your Mexican audience's pride."

And others asked who, in their right mind, would buy it.

@VanityFairMX crees que alguien va a comprar algo así? Ah, no. No creo q lo necesiten por el $$ que recibieron para hacer esa portada

"@VanityFairMX do you think someone is going to buy something like this? Ah, no. I don't think you'll need them to since you have the $$ you got for this cover."

Here is a good theory.

NETA @VanityFairMX ? Quién es su director editorial? Videgaray?

"REALLY @VanityFairMX? Who is your editorial director? Videgaray?"

Many could not understand how a Mexican magazine could have done this.

@VanityFairMX en verdad ahora sí un tache para ustedes, qué portada tan de mal gusto para la edición de México

"@VanityFairMX now really you get a fail, what a poorly chosen cover for the Mexican edition."

Others point out that because of things like this, the international editions are better.

Por portadas como la reciente de @VanityFairMX para febrero, muchos lectores mejor prefieren ediciones internacionales.

"Because of covers like the recent @VanityFairMX for February, a lot of readers prefer the international editions."

And, as always, someone was there to regale them with the worst insult.

A qué hora sale @VanityFairMX a pedir disculpas y decir que retirará esta portada? Ni Peña Nieto lo hizo tan mal ho…

"What time will @VanityFairMX come out to apologize and say it'll retire the cover? Not even Peña Nieto messed up that badly today."

BuzzFeed Mexico has contacted Vanity Fair Mexico for comment and has not yet received a response.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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