iPad Mini PSA: You're Already Holding It Wrong

Apple says one of the best things about the iPad Mini is that you can hold it in one hand. Cool. But why is everyone holding it like a mechanical claw? It looks painful. Learn from the past, people!

From Apple's official images. Ow:

Do you have a pituitary disorder? Are you over six feet tall? You'll love holding the iPad Mini!

The guy from the Verge looks like he's cradling a plate:

Ryan from GDGT looks like he's about to tear his finger webbing. This is the opposite of ergonomic:

Vince at Slashgear isn't straining TOO hard:

Stuart at Pocketlint appears to have dislocated his thumb:

Is it because they're all holding cameras? Maybe. But Even Phil is doing this! His face looks pained.

Guys, stop. Put the iPad down. Think about this. We've been down this road before. It's easy: