The Mathematically Correct Way To Cut A Bagel

One Möbius bagel, please. Extra cream cheese. Good luck explaining this to the guy behind the counter at Bruegger's.

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Points in favor of mathematician George Hart's interlocking bagel technique:

1. Looks cool

2. Keeps the other half of your bagel from rolling away on you (a serious and common problem)

3. Extra surface area for cream cheese

4. Lets all your breakfastmates know that you have good spacial awareness + cutting skills

5. Pull it apart with a friend — the person whose bagel doesn't break gets a wish

Points against:

1. Maybe too cool? Nobody will want to eat breakfast with you because they'll all feel like huge idiots eating normally sliced bagels (ugh)

The video's a little hard to follow, but Hart has posted more detailed photo instructions here: