The Amazing True Story Of The Moto X


Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Motorola made a new phone.

It was announced today.

Men are telling grand tales about this phone.

This one is true.

The phone is called the Moto X.

It has a big screen.

Bigger than iPhone.

The Moto X is a "smartphone" with a touchscreen.

When you touch the screen it does what you think it will.

The Moto X has a camera.

The pictures look fine.

Not like a big camera.

But good.

Like other phones, this phone costs $200.

It comes with a monthly contract.

It is a typical contract.

This phone comes in many colors.

You can choose the colors.

You put it in your pocket and it vibrates.

It dies in about a day.

Maybe longer or shorter.

Nobody has reviewed it yet.

The phone has Android.

Android is an operating system.

An operating system is the part of the phone that you use when you're not using apps.

An operating system is the part of the phone you don't use very much at all.

It has a thing called Google Now.

You talk to it and it talks back.

A while ago Google bought Motorola.

Some people wondered why.

Motorola had valuable technology patents.

Motorola also made phones.

Google bought Motorola because it owns valuable technology patents.

Google bought Motorola because it can make phones.

The Moto X is a phone.

It's a little newer than your phone.

It will be available for sale in late August.

This is the true story of the Motorola Moto X.