Someone's Trying To Make A Google Glass For Creeps

Don't worry, money-flashing pickup artists: the future is yours, too.

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An Israeli company called Infinity Augmented Reality has released a concept video, teasing a Google-Glass-like wearable computing product, in the lead-up to CES. It's a vivid depiction of a near-future scenario in which wearable computing is the norm and life is experienced through a digital overlay. Sort of familiar, at least on paper — a Google Glass competitor.

While Google's Glass concept video queasily mixed new commerce and old sci-fi, this one comes from an entirely unfamiliar place. A somewhat terrifying place! The video lets us visit a near-future hellscape, where tech bros rule the world and seduce unknowing women using invisible astrological overlays; where creepy young men drive to pool halls in Ferraris, then use augmented reality apps to hustle their friends. It's comprehensively foul: an ultimate fantasy according to... someone. Someone bad. Someone you probably do not want to meet or know. Not a Glasshole, exactly. Let's call him a Glassbag.

(h/t Glenn Derene)