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Nope, You Can't Actually See Your "Biggest Stalker" On Facebook

A viral guide to revealing your Facebook stalkers with a simple browser trick isn't true, says the company. So what the hell does it do?

Posted on December 4, 2012, at 12:05 a.m. ET

It's a terrifying promise and a temptingly easy trick: With a right-click and a word search, according to this image that's been floating around on Facebook, you can find out who's been looking at your profile the most. I tried it, and the results were odd, but sort of plausible.

If this turned out to be real, it would represent a massive breach of trust for Facebook. Predictably, perhaps, it is not. A Facebook spokesperson clarified to BuzzFeed FWD:

It is the initial order of friends displayed on the right hand side chat bar when the page is loaded. We rank this list based on who you are most likely to message; we determine the order of friends based on a number of factors.

Quite a few people on Facebook suggested that the trick was miswritten, and that the list told you whose profile you had been looking at the most on Facebook. This is not entirely inaccurate, since the algorithm is trying to identify who you're most likely to message. And there was a time when finding such information was possible, using a simple script.

But this isn't your "stalked" or "stalker" list, nor is it a data breach. It's just a different representation of data that's either already on your screen or available when you scroll down your chat window.