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Oh Look, It's A Whole New Type Of Gif

Remember cinemagraphs? Well, these are next-level.

Posted on July 10, 2013, at 12:49 p.m. ET

Here's a strange new GIF style you may have seen bubbling up on Tumblr:

Strictly speaking, these are cinemagraphs: those GIFs that depict static scenes with a small moving section. But they're also something more — the sections that are moving are hyperreal, showing static objects growing and shrinking in a way that they never could, and never have. They look like CGI, but they're not.

There aren't a whole lot of "deparallax" GIFs, as they're informally known, mainly because there aren't a whole lot of people making them. Artist Zack Dougherty, who goes by hateplow on Tumblr and created the GIFs in this post, shares how it works:

I'm isolating a plane in a series of photographs and perspective shifting the planes to match. Anything that is not on the plane will then show the direction of movement.
In other words, he's taking a number of pictures of the same scene, each from a slightly different perspective — "typically a few inches" apart, he says — and warping them in Photoshop so the flat part (the wall, the ground) never moves. Without that last step, the GIFs would produce a completely different, and much more common, effect.

The results are awesome; it's as if the entire world can breathe:

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