Every Single Super Nintendo Game In One eBay Listing

On one hand, this guy is asking for $25,000. On the other, uhhh, look at these pictures?

[Read in a low terrifying voice]: "You are bidding on a complete set of every North American Super Nintendo (SNES) game ever released. This set is the result of half a decade of collecting."

That's a listing posted by eBay user kaisetsuna, who has collected all 721 SNES games ever sold at retail in the United States. Bidding starts at $25,000, or about $35 a game. "This set was built by purchasing used carts, instructions and boxes from countless sellers," he says, so "by no means is this a pristine set."

In case there's any doubt that this was a labor of love, and not some kind of cartridge-flipping scheme, the seller posted an alternative means of payment on Reddit: "I know the odds of this are 1:10,000,000 ... but I will trade my complete US set for a complete Japanese set ... would love to cut out the years of searching."

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