16 People Who Should Just Listen To The Dang Song

Shazam is destroying our brains.

1. Dude

2. Stop it. JUST LISTEN.

3. There are like, no other words

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4. Seriously put down your phone

5. In the time it took you to open Shazam Mick Jagger said "satisfaction" at least three times


7. I mean, surely...

8. Apparently you can get lost in a vocal run

9. Would you ask your friend what this song is called? A stranger??

10. I mean I guess it could be the Weird Al one

11. Eight: The number of times Mariah says the name of this song, in this song

12. He doesn't always speak clearly but HE DOES HERE


14. Let me see that... ahhhh what is it again? BETTER SHAZAM IT

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15. Baby baby baby ohhhhhh, baby baby baby aaaaaghghghgh

16. I give up