Whole Foods Is Opening A Cheaper New Store Aimed At "Millennials"

They plan to open new stores next year, the company announced Wednesday.

Whole Foods plans to open a new chain of stores next year geared toward young adults, the company announced Wednesday in their second-quarter earnings report.

There's not a ton of information available on the new chain yet, but Whole Foods spokesperson Robin Kelly told BuzzFeed News there should be more to share this summer.

“We think a streamlined, hip, cool, technology-oriented store—a store unlike one anyone’s ever seen before ... is going to be pretty attractive to that particular generation," said co-CEO John Mackey.

He added, "You can't envision it yet because no one has. We're creating it."

The new store "will feature a modern, streamlined design, innovative technology and a curated selection," co-CEO Walter Robb said in the report.

Some people had amusing thoughts on the grocery chain's new endeavor.

Whenever I'm sad I go into the nearest Whole Foods and sing a Little Mermaid-like ballad about one day belonging to the upper class.

Whole Foods Is starting a lower cost chain called Half Paycheck.

And there was this very wise suggestion:

Just don't call it Whole Foods Millennial Edition. Didn't work out too well last time. http://t.co/pctneLsNjo

So maybe Whole Foods won't always mean "whole paycheck."

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