These Brothers Played The Most Elaborate Prank On Their Sister After She Had Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

Great prank or greatest prank?

This is 17-year-old Millicent Phillips and her brother Cabot, 22, of Leesburg, Virginia.

Last week, Millicent went to the dentist to get her wisdom teeth removed. Cabot and their other brother Barrett — with the help of their mother and her DENTIST — decided to play a ~little~ prank on her.

The dentist, Dr. Lee Welstead of the Leesburg Dentists, told BuzzFeed the brothers told him they wanted to make their sister's experience more "exciting."

"They tipped me off — I think they wanted me to be complicit enough to not screw up their agenda," he said.

The brothers told Millicent that while she'd been under anesthetic, there'd been a tiny little ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. They then filmed the whole thing.

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"We're big Walking Dead fans," Cabot told BuzzFeed. "So we had a friend make up a fake emergency alert." Cabot played the alert over the car radio, which got the zombie apocalypse ball rolling.

Once Cabot made it back to the family's home, he and Barrett began to FORCE Millicent to make important zombie apocalypse decisions, like whether to bring chocolate cake or funfetti.

Then her brother asked her to choose either the family's poodle or their cat.

She's surprisingly cutthroat!

Millicent chose the cat over the dog, by a mile. "I remember the urgency of the cat, because we have a really mean dog," Millicent told BuzzFeed.

After arming themselves with rakes, Millicent, Cabot, and Barrett got back in the car and contemplated driving to Costco, before Millicent very reasonably acknowledged that "it's gonna be a bloodbath in there."

Then they asked her if they should drive to Mexico, which caused a complete meltdown...

Cabot says he's proud of the way his sister handled herself during his apocalypse prank. "She was very aware, and very rational and surprisingly ruthless," he told BuzzFeed.

As for payback, "Cabot is actually getting his wisdom teeth out at the end of the summer," Millicent told BuzzFeed. "I'm going to need to do something creative."

Watch the whole amazing prank here.

View this video on YouTube

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