Just Some Really Good Tweets About Mark Zuckerberg Testifying Before Congress

The personal data of 87 million Facebook users may have been mishandled, but hey, memes!


That face when you just wanted a faster way to rank girls by looks and ended up installing a fascist government in the most powerful country on earth https://t.co/VEaQjz9Z6s


tfw you aren't being grilled by the Senate Judiciary Committee


ZUCKERBERG: im ready to answer any questions u might have about facebook 84-YEAR-OLD SENATOR: excellent. mr zuckerberg my farmville farm needs more pigs but i cannot figure out where to purchase them



Zuckerberg takes his seat... on a 4-inch cushion.


“You don’t think you have a monopoly?”


the winkelvoss twins right now


“Mr. Zuckerberg, a magazine i recently opened came with a floppy disk offering me 30 free hours of something called America On-Line. Is that the same as Facebook?” https://t.co/U7pqpUhEhQ


Who will be the first senator to ask Zuckerberg why their grandson won't accept their friend request?


Senator Orrin Hatch to Mark Zuckerberg: “So it’s not a real book?”


"don't forget to drink the water, humans like water"


The Social Network 2: This time it’s personal (data)


What if Zuckerberg was like "actually those twins and their buddy invented Facebook."



“You’re in a desert. Walking along in the sand” “Is this the test now” “Yes, you’re in a desert walking along the sand when all of a sudden you see a tortoise” “What’s a tortoise?” https://t.co/WBZaKt0MV4


SEN: Now my granddaughter tells me that tagging is a big issue ZUCK: Sir, I SEN: A friend will tag, that's the terminology, correct? Tag her in a picture but she doesn't like the picture and she can't do a thing about it



It's absurd that people criticize high school students for talking about gun control policy but are cool with having 80-year-olds question Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook, online privacy and AI.


i like the way zuck stalls for time by saying "i just want to make sure the question is correct. can you repeat it?" because i used to do competitive spelling and that's a classic spelling technique


I appreciate that zuck has eight gazillion dollars and still looks like he got his hair cut by his mom


If you’re feeling down, remember that in exactly 4 years Mark Zuckerberg is going to get one of those “Hey check out this awesome memory!” Facebook posts and it’s going to show 15 photos of him looking sweaty and miserable while being shouted at by Chuck Grassley


Mark Zuckerberg in 2016: "Personally I think the idea that fake news on Facebook ... influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea" Mark Zuckerberg in 2018: https://t.co/FoC2qXsAGT

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