People Are Criticizing Zara For Using Thin Models In A "Love Your Curves" Ad

"This is the visual equivalent of saying 'All Curves Matter.'"

People are criticizing Zara for their recent "Love Your Curves" ad, which features two thin models.

The in-store ad went viral on Tuesday after Irish radio personality Muireann O'Connell shared it on Twitter.

It has also been spotted in stores in England and Spain, since as early as the beginning of February.

People thought it was pretty baffling.

All bodies are beautiful of course, but this is a curvy figure? Really?

How the hell do Zara get away with this marketing imagery?

Many are pointing out the kind of effect this could have on the body image of young girls.

*sigh* this is the sort of thing that makes my 15 year old, size 8 daughter think she's fat.

More than ever we need to protect the self esteem of young girls. This is how not to do it.

While I appreciate that smaller women can be curvy, the impact this is going to have on young girls is not going to…

Why do some of my students have eating disorders again?!?!

Others just immediately went to work dragging Zara.

@MuireannO_C @Hanecdote looking for them curves like

This is the visual equivalent of saying "All Curves Matter"

Zara did not immediately return a request for comment.

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