People Are Trolling Ivanka Trump's "Why I Disagree With My Dad" Cover Story In Us Weekly

It's basically become the anti-"Future That Liberals Want" meme.

Ivanka Trump is on the cover of this week's Us Weekly along with the headline: "Ivanka Takes A Stand: Why I Disagree With My Dad."

People are (very sarcastically) "thanking" Trump for her influence.

Wow, what would we do without her

She is truly a hero! An inspiration to many! Inspires me everyday!

And some are offering up slightly different takes on the headline.

The cover of US Weekly seemed to have a few typos. Fixed it. #ParisAgreement #TrumpRussia

Why My Brand Disagrees With My Dad's Brand

Many are pointing out that Us Weekly was bought by the Trump-friendly National Enquirer in March.

US Weekly has recently been purchased by pro-Trump media group. Before the purchase, it was running with a "Melania…

Us Weekly, acquired by pro-Trump American Media, is now a state propaganda organ. Content sponsored by Ivanka's fra…

And now, of course, people are memeing the heck out of that headline.

"Why I Disagree With My Dad"


It's basically the anti-"Future That Liberals Want" meme.

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