This Hilarious Mother's Day Meme Is Too Real For Anyone With A Mom

"Oh you love your mom? Name three of her albums."

On Saturday, just in time for Mother's Day, we were blessed with a great new meme.

Oh you love your mom? Name three of her albums

University of South Carolina professor David DeWeil tweeted, "Oh you love your mom? Name three of her albums."

The responses are nothing short of perfect.

1) Can You Read This Text For Me 2) A? Why Not A+? (ft. Dad) 3) I Do All The Work In This House And No One Apprecia…

1. "I'm Not One of Your Lil Friends" 2. "Don't Ask For Shit (When We Get in This Store)" 3. "Stay Outta Grown Folk…

Can You Help Me With The VCR (1999) Can You Help Me With The DVD Player (2006) Can You Help Me With My Phone (2013)

Never forget that I'm Not One of Your Little Friends went platinum three times.

1. There's food at home 2. I'm not one of your little friends (went 3x platinum) 3. I'll give you something to cry…

I. McDonald's Money Interlude II. One Ride Bonus Track: There or Back III. Jumpin Off The Bridge (Just Like Yo Fri…

1. No 2. I don't have money 3. No (remix)

And There's Food at Home is a timeless classic.

1. When I'm dead you'll realize 2. You couldn't wash the dishes 3. There's food at home

1. Not in my house 2. You smell like outside 3. If you're reading this you've come home too late.

1. Only One That Does Anything Around Here 2. I'll Give You Something To Cry About ft Dad 3 Did You Take Out The Ch…

And nothing beats Let Me Talk to Their Parents (Duet With Friends Parents).

1. Pass Me the Remote 2. Whose Dishes? (Remix) 3. Let me talk to their parents (Duet w/ friends parents)

1. I'm taking you but who picking you up? i'm not doing both. 2. You don't pay no damn bills in this house. 3. Alwa…

Happy Mother's Day!

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