I Must Know The Identity Of This Very Cool Pug In A Car Wearing Goggles

An inves-dog-ation.

This world is full of mysteries. Who stole the great Hope Diamond? What killed the dinosaurs?

But there exists one mystery so vexing, so imperative, that I shan't go on without solving it. Please, dear readers, free me from this labyrinth.

Who is this pug?

The mystery pug — sporting blue goggles and hanging out the passenger side of his best friend's ride — was first spotted in Perris, California, on Interstate 215.

The was the highlight of my week 😭❤️

Gabriela Cabrera, an 18-year-old from Nuevo, California, tweeted photos of the mystery pug when she spotted it on April 1. She told BuzzFeed News had been heading to her niece's speech therapy appointment along with her cousin and nephew.

"While on the way, as we were waiting in the lane to get on the freeway in Perris next to an Arco and an IHOP, I looked to my left and just saw the pug just sitting there," Cabrera said. "Almost like it was a daily routine."

She snapped a few pictures, but the moment was fleeting and over almost as quickly as it began, as moments tend to be.

One may think the story ends there, but no! Cabrera's tweet spread quickly, and the very next day, another person shared a video of what seems to be the same pug with the same goggles in the same car.

@Gabwiiela Hey I saw them too lol 😂

Only this time, the pug was wearing a spiffy gray turtleneck.

Asia Dorsey, a 17-year-old from Moreno Valley, California, told BuzzFeed News she and her mom saw the pug on Nov. 19 in the parking lot of World Market in Riverside.

"I was looking out the window from the back seat and I saw this blue car parked, and as we were driving past it, I saw this pug with blue glasses on with its arm sticking out the window," Asia said.

Annesa Basiga, a 19-year-old from Las Vegas, may have also spotted the pug while on a road trip in California.

It was on June 11, and she was on her way to Huntington Beach from Buena Park, Basiga told BuzzFeed News.

"I thought it was hilarious when I saw the dog just chilling outside the window with his arm out like he does this daily," she said. "And I immediately took out my phone and showed all my friends."

The pug was spotted in those signatures goggles, but this time, it was a different car, which certainly raises questions.

Please send any tips, or photographic evidence, of the pug to julia.reinstein@buzzfeed.com. This is a developing story.

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