Starbucks Now Sells Avocado Spread And People Have Mixed Feelings

It is...very green.

Starbucks has hopped on the avocado toast trend, announcing Tuesday that "avocado spread" is now available nationwide.

Also, it is very green.

@Starbucks' avocado spread on an everything bagel...🔥🔥

Like, very, very green.

there is a 100% chance this is straight green food dye

way too green

Swamp Thing green. Interesting choice.

A lot of people are responding to it with a resounding "NOPE."



Grossest spread on saddest bread

And coming up with stuff it actually looks like.

What is this oddly-colored alien slime they're trying to pass off as avocado tho

Looks like fluorescent baby food.

Even so, a lot of people who've tried the spread seem to actually really like it.

do NOT pass up on starbucks avocado spread... oh my heaven 😋

Omg ... @Starbucks has Avocado Spread!👀 and its delicious 😍

Starbucks has avocado spread and it's AMAZING

So...don't knock it till you try it, I guess?

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