Wendy's Tweeted (And Quickly Deleted) A Pepe Meme

The fast-food company told BuzzFeed News they were "unaware of the recent political connotations associated with Pepe memes."

The Wendy's Twitter account has been pretty wild lately, but got even wilder Wednesday when it tweeted — and quickly deleted — a Pepe meme.

The tweet comes a day after the fast-food company roasted someone on Twitter so hard they literally deleted their account.

The Pepe tweet — which was up for less than 15 minutes — was in response to a simple request for memes.

Understandably, the tweet went pretty nuts due to Pepe's recent association with the alt-right.

.@Wendys new trolling social media strategy makes zero sense.

For the most part, people just trolled them back.

I will be boycotting @Wendys until they repoast the rare pepe

Though a lot of alt-righters are mad that Wendy's deleted the meme.

And Daily Stormer, a white supremacist and neo-Nazi website, endorsed Wendy's as "the official fast food chain of the alt-right."

Coincidentally, a BuzzFeed News reporter tweeted this just about 24 hours before the Wendy's tweet went up.

What will be the first fast food brand to tweet out a nazi pepe for likes?

So, all in all, it was a weird — and seemingly inevitable — moment.

sometimes the internet is horrible. and sometimes nazis get mad at a fast food chain because they deleted a pepe. This is a good day

if u can't handle me at my wendy's roasting the shit out of u u don't deserve me at my wendy's has a meme folder and pepe is in it so fuck u

Amy Brown, the social media manager at Wendy's, told BuzzFeed News the tweet was deleted due to a community manager being "unaware of the recent political connotations associated with Pepe memes."

"Since this used to be purely an innocuous meme, he had this fan content saved from a year or two ago," she said.

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