This Pizza Guy Rescued A Lost Senior Dog During A Delivery

"Super sweet dog, he didn’t try to eat the pizzas or anything."

This is Steven Donovan, a 24-year-old currently living in Bozeman, Montana.

Steven Donovan / Via Instagram: @es_dons

Donovan travels around a lot doing photography and working in national parks. Meanwhile, to pay the bills, he's been working at Papa John's part-time.

On Monday, Donovan was driving around delivering pizzas when he saw a dog run across the road, dodging cars.

"I thought at first he was a little puppy black lab, but as I got closer, I saw he was just a really old cute dog with gray on his face," Donovan told BuzzFeed News. "I was like, ‘You definitely should not be running around out here.'"

And that's how he met Snickers.

Steven Donovan / Via Instagram: @es_dons

Concerned for the apparently lost pup's safety, Donovan pulled over, chased Snickers down, and decided to "deliver" him home.

It's not the first time he's done that, he said.

"This happens all the time. If I see a dog running, I’ll slam on the brakes, get out of the car, and chase after it," he said. "And work isn’t going to stop that."

Donovan and Snickers hit the road, taking a pit stop to drop off a pizza on the way.

Steven Donovan / Via Instagram: @es_dons

"I told the people ‘Sorry I’m a little late, I have this dog in the car, I just found him across the road,'" he said. "They thought that was really cool and they weren’t upset at all."

And he wasn't too concerned about getting in trouble at work either, he said.

"I knew I might get in trouble with my boss if they saw I went way off route, and the address that was on his collar was like two-and-a-half miles away on the other side of town," Donovan said. "It was not on my route at all. But I took him with me to the delivery that I was in the middle of."

"I think it was probably against company rules to have a dog in the car with the pizzas and stuff, but super sweet dog, he didn’t try to eat the pizzas or anything," he said.

Donovan said Snickers got really excited the closer they got to the address on his tag.

Steven Donovan / Via Instagram: @es_dons

"When I started getting close to his house, he kind of perked up and was looking around...wagging his tail," he said. "He knew he was about to be home."

When they arrived, a friendly neighbor told Donovan Snickers and his owner had recently moved houses, likely leading to Snickers' confusion.

Fortunately, that neighbor was in touch with the owner and said he'd reunite them.

"I really wanted to see the reaction of the owner, and I didn’t get to see that so it’s a little bit of a bummer," he said. "But it’s probably cool for him to just know this anonymous pizza guy delivered his dog back."