These Siblings Can't Stop Pranking Each Other With A Tina Belcher Cutout

It's kind of uhhhhhhhhh-mazing.

Molly and Ben Freeman, two teenage siblings in Indiana, are big fans of two things: pranking each other, and Bob's Burgers.

So, for her birthday last month, Ben got his big sister a pretty awesome present: A LIFE-SIZE CUTOUT OF TINA BELCHER.

Twitter: @mollyy_freeman

Molly said her brother surprised her with it when she got home from work, and even had the theme song playing.

"I could not stop laughing," she said. "It was hilarious."

Since then, Molly and Ben have been hiding the cutout around the house to scare each other. It's only gotten more and more ridiculous.

"We’ve hid her in the shower, we’ve hid her in the windows, in my closet, and under bed covers, so when you pull them back she’s laying there," Molly said.

Twitter: @mollyy_freeman

What's that "uhhhhhhh" sound coming from the closet?!?

Molly shared her awesome gift (and its hilarious hiding places) on Twitter, and it had people in stitches.

this has to be the best thing on twitter right now


Basically everyone agreed they needed a Tina cutout too.

After a whole month of hiding the cutout, Molly said she and her brother are constantly "both expecting it" to pop up everywhere.

Twitter: @mollyy_freeman

"I always laugh, then it’s on to the next spot," she said.