Trump Supporters Don't See Much Wrong With His Miss Universe Comments

"I don’t know, maybe she should’ve been a housekeeper."

Hillary Clinton criticized Donald Trump on Monday during their first presidential debate for mocking 1996 Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado over her weight and race.

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“One of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest,” Clinton said. “He loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them. And he called this woman ‘Miss Piggy.’ Then he called her ‘Miss Housekeeping,’ because she was Latina."

Tuesday morning, Trump responded on Fox and Friends, saying "she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem.”

At a Trump rally in Bedford, New Hampshire, on Thursday, supporters told BuzzFeed News the comments had no effect on their support for the Republican candidate.

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Many referred to the recent focus on the issue as "political correctness run amok."

Not one person interviewed said the comments had any impact on their support of Trump, and not one said they view the remarks as sexist or racist.

Claire, who lives in the area, said she thinks "political correctness has run amok."

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Claire initially said she didn't personally witness Trump mocking Machado, "so I don’t know if he did that or not," and claimed to not be aware of "Miss Housekeeping" being a reference to a Latina stereotype.

"I don’t think Donald Trump is what you call a politically correct person, but he says what he means," she said.

"I’m a person that says it like it is, and if it hurts your feelings, well, I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings, but that’s how I feel," she said.

Jim Edmunds, pictured left, told BuzzFeed News he thinks the comments are "just a minor distraction from the real issues in the country" and will "certainly not" affect his vote.

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“I think to say Trump is racist is ridiculous," Jim Edmunds' son, Matt, pictured right, said. "He’s been in the public eye for 40 years, and he doesn’t have a history of racism."

"It’s just divisive tactics by the liberals and the media," Matt said. "That’s what’s dividing our country — people calling other people racist."

Two 16-year-old high school juniors, Katie and Kirsten, left school early to attend the rally because they "love Trump and his ideas."

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Katie called the "Missy Piggy" remarks "a mistake," but said "it doesn’t affect my view at all."

When pressed about the "Miss Housekeeping" comment, Katie declined to comment any further.

"I don’t know much about that," Kirsten said.

Maury and Jeff drove two hours to the rally. Jeff said he "hasn't been this excited since I shot my last buck while deer hunting."

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Jeff said he likes Trump's lack of "political correctness" because "when I’m with my closest friends, that’s what we all do."

"I do like what he said about Rosie O'Donnell though," Maury said. "He called her a fat, disgusting pig, didn’t he?"

"The truth hurts," Maury said. "If the shoe fits, wear it."

Aimee Nichols, a nurse from Charlestown, Massachusetts, thinks Trump is "spot on in all of his views"

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And his comments on Machado's weight "absolutely didn’t affect that one bit," she said.

"He’s not a woman-hater," she said. "He does speak a little too soon before he thinks, yes, but I think he’s exactly what this country needs."

When asked specifically about the "Miss Housekeeping" comment, Nichols said, "No comment."

Marie, pictured left, who attended the rally with her friend Gina, said she thinks "context matters" because Trump "was an entertainer and not a politician" at the time.

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"Political correctness is awful," Marie said. "That's why people like Trump. We are so uptight. Nobody has a sense of humor about anything."

"We’re all different, and that’s what makes us great," she said. "If we can’t point out differences in each other, where it becomes this huge crime against humanity to say, 'Hey Gina, your hair is fuzzy, you Irish girl,' then you need to grow a thicker skin."

Another attendee, who declined to give his name, wore a shirt that said "white male" and carried a Pepe poster.

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"It doesn't change my opinion at all," he said of the Miss Universe comments.

"Whatever Trump says, it means nothing. He’s not a politician, he hasn’t had 20 years to polish what he says. He just says things," he said.

"People have called me white trash far too many times," he said. "It doesn’t bother me. I’ve been called racist just because I support Trump, but then again, I once supported Ben Carson — the black guy."

Jeff Thompson said he doesn't "think it was that bad" and doesn't "see anything the matter with" the comments.

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"We’re all people, we’re all from somewhere else, no matter where you’re from," he said, in regards to people suggesting the remarks were racist.

"And I don’t know, maybe she should’ve been a housekeeper," he said.



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