Trump Supporters Don't See Much Wrong With His Miss Universe Comments

"I don’t know, maybe she should’ve been a housekeeper."

Hillary Clinton criticized Donald Trump on Monday during their first presidential debate for mocking 1996 Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado over her weight and race.

At a Trump rally in Bedford, New Hampshire, on Thursday, supporters told BuzzFeed News the comments had no effect on their support for the Republican candidate.

Claire, who lives in the area, said she thinks "political correctness has run amok."

Jim Edmunds, pictured left, told BuzzFeed News he thinks the comments are "just a minor distraction from the real issues in the country" and will "certainly not" affect his vote.

Two 16-year-old high school juniors, Katie and Kirsten, left school early to attend the rally because they "love Trump and his ideas."

Maury and Jeff drove two hours to the rally. Jeff said he "hasn't been this excited since I shot my last buck while deer hunting."

Aimee Nichols, a nurse from Charlestown, Massachusetts, thinks Trump is "spot on in all of his views"

Marie, pictured left, who attended the rally with her friend Gina, said she thinks "context matters" because Trump "was an entertainer and not a politician" at the time.

Another attendee, who declined to give his name, wore a shirt that said "white male" and carried a Pepe poster.

Jeff Thompson said he doesn't "think it was that bad" and doesn't "see anything the matter with" the comments.

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